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 5 GAL PAIL$341.00
501 Curable Reducer is a perfectly balanced reducer that can be used in virtually any quantity. It will not affect the cure ability of the ink. It is ideal for general viscosity reduction. It can be used to achieve a softer hand. It is recommended to be used in most direct printing plastisol inks including: Excalibur 500/550 and 600 Series Plastisol Inks. Please Note: The print opacity may be reduced with the addition of 501 Reducer.
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For softer hand, limited amounts of 502 Reducer may be used to achieve the desired consistency. Limited amounts of 502 Reducer will duplicate the look and feel of a water based print. It will remain as an integral component of the cured design. Gelation and fusion temperature properties of the base plastisol will change with the addition of 502 Reducer. Use of 502 Reducer may increase curing time. Use maximum of 3% to 5%.
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Excalibur Low Cure Additive reduces curing temperatures in all Excalibur Direct Printing Inks. Allows inks to fully cure at a temperature of 265'F (130'C) to 270'F (133'C). A simple addition of 5% - 6% of Low Cure Additive (LCA) by weight will reduce curing temperatures as low as 265'F (130'C).
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PF-97 Puff is and additive that is easily mixed into Excalibur Plastisol Ink to create a beautiful puff effect. Adding PF-97 results in a print with excellent loft. TECHNICAL DETAILS Mixing: It is recommended to use Excalibur 500 Series as the ink base. Add 20% to 30% PF-97 by weight into 500 Series Ink and mix well. Screen Mesh: 80-160/inch (32T-64T cm). Stencil: Any stencil system will work. Squeegee: Medium hardness 60 to 70 Durometer.
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Excalibur Low Bleed Additive greatly improves bleed resistance in Excalibur direct printing inks. Simply add 5% LBA to Excalibur direct printing inks by weight.
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High Gloss Additive greatly increases the gloss level of plastisol prints. Ideal for crystal clear high density and Jelly Print. Add 3% to 5% by weight and mix well.
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High Stretch Additive greatly increases stretchability of Excalibur direct printing Inks. (Not recommended for 700 Series as clarity will be lost). Add 5% HSA to Excalibur direct printing inks by weight.
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Excalibur Matte Additive is a dulling paste which can be mixed into Plastisol ink to greatly reduce the gloss. The result is a smooth matte print. Matte additive does not contain any puffing agents. Matte additive will also reduce the 'tack' or stickiness of inks.Matte additive is in paste form and must be stirred well into the plastisol ink at the ratio of 6% to 10% by weight.
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High Density Additive is an additive that creates a High Density effect using Excalibur plastisol ink. Add to Plastisol to Create a High Density Effect. TECHNICAL DETAILS Mixing: Use Excalibur 500/550 Series as the ink base. Add 20% HD-1 by weight into ink and mix well. Add EXC Thickener, as required, to increase viscosity. Mesh: 60-110/inch (24T-48T cm). Stencil: 150 micron and higher direct capillary stencils, or Direct Emulsion. See 835 Series for details. Squeegee: Medium hardness 60 to 70 Durometer.
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Suede Additive gives 500/550 Series Plastisol Inks the look and feel of suede leather. Suede Additive has excellent opacity, washability and will resist cracking. TECHNICAL DETAILS Mixing: It is recommended to add 10 to 13% by weight into Excalibur 500/550 direct printing inks. Screen Mesh: Print through 80-160/inch (32T-64T cm). Stencil: Any stencil system will work. Curing: Cure Suede Additive prints as a regular plastisol ink (see Excalibur 500/550 Series Plastisol Ink for heat curing times and other technical information). The print should resist cracking. If print cracks too easily, allow a little more curing time or increase temperature. Cleanup: 2000 Green or TR Blend.
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ABA Anti-Buildup Additive can be mixed into Plastisol ink to greatly reduce build up problems. Build up can occur when printing Plastisols wet on wet and the wet ink keeps building up thicker and thicker on the backs or undersides of the screens, eventually causing poor print quality. The use of the additive can also increase production by avoiding down time cleaning the undersides of screens. Build up quite often occurs when printing high opacity and fluorescent inks.