At Davis International, we understand the importance of the finance process for your equipment. And we have partnered with the best in the business, ACG Equipment Finance. Together, we think you are more than a bunch of numbers on an application and can offer a wide variety of finance offerings from top-flight credit to more challenging circumstances. We like these guys because there are no ivory tower banker-types looking down on you, just real, hard-working equipment finance pros from a small business with big-time financing resources.


“LEASE FOR AS LOW AS…” prices are estimated prices based on each equipment’s base model. Final prices will be determined based on equipment specifications as ordered.

Leasing offers an attractive option to purchasing equipment outright.  More than 80% of companies lease rather than purchase because leasing offers many considerations unrelated to any tax benefits…

• Leasing conserves working capital and offers 100% financing.
• Leasing avoids the use of short-term bank lines, thus conserving borrowing capacity for financing inventory, accounts receivable and other needs.
• Leasing provides intermediate, term financing-longer than most bank lines would offer, but shorter than most private placements.
• Leasing provides a new source of funds, often enlarging the pool of capital available to your company.
• When long term-interest rates are unattractive, leasing can be used to delay permanent financing until rates improve.
 Leasing avoids working capital, net worth, dividend & other restrictions that are common to most other types of intermediate & long term financing.
• Leasing can satisfy capital expenditures requirements when equity markets are unattractive.
• Leasing provides for the acquisition of needed equipment, which had not been foreseen in capital budget planning.
• Leasing is flexible as to the amount financed.