Davis International can help you with every step of your printing job! Many screen printers are experts at exactly that: screen printing. They just don’t have the capabilities for things like separating artwork or creating films, and that’s okay! Let us take the weight off your shoulders and help you with these additional steps in the printing process.


Whether you have a quality digital file ready for output or need help producing one we are here to help. We can work with most file formats to produce separations and provide film output up to 24” wide.

Screen Imaging

Producing quality screens is an involved process that requires the proper screen preparation, coating technique, quality films, and proper exposure. Our screen room is fully equipped with the equipment and personnel to provide you with the best quality screens. No matter whether you can provide us with films or need us to output them we can image screens up to 48”x62”.

Screen Stretching

Why buy new frames when you can re-mesh your existing frames? Davis International will stretch new mesh over the existing frame, leaving you with a like-new reusable, recycled frame.

Stretching prices for common textile screens.

MESH: 20” x 24”, 23” x 31”, 25” x 36”
110-80 White: $15.12, $20.82, $23.70
123-70 White: $16.56, $23.76, $27.36
156-64 White: $17.40, $24.00, $29.00
156-64 Yellow: $18.00, $24.72, $29.70
195-48 Yellow: $19.02, $27.36, $31.50
230-48 Yellow: $19.44, $29.28, $33.78
305-34 Yellow: $21.18, $31.68, $36.42

(Call for other sizes or mesh counts)

Training & Consultation

Davis International is here to help! If you have any questions or need help with anything, please contact us and one of our experienced staff will take care of you. Our sales representatives are more than happy to help you out. No question is too big or small for us!