FREEJET 330TX DTG Textile Printer

FREEJET 330TX DTG Textile Printer


The FreeJet 330TX DTG Textile Printer is the industry’s highest quality, low maintenance, direct to garment printer! Featuring an industry exclusive “Wet Cap” maintenance system, designed to maintain and preserve the life of the print head. This exclusive feature creates an airtight protective enclosure for the print head, shielding it from the elements and safeguarding against clogging. Even when not in use,FreeJet 330TX can stand for weeks without the need for daily maintenance. This means when you’re ready to print, the machine will be ready too. The FreeJet 330TX operates on an industry leading Direct RIP software, for seamless printing on any light or dark garments. In conjunction with Direct Inks (powered by DuPont Artistri), the FreeJet produces bright and vivid prints on light and dark garments with optimal wash fastness on both cotton and cotton blends.


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Lease for as low as ...$444/month or about $17/day


Unique WetCap Cleaning System
The unique WetCap System is fully integrated to the printers cleaning system. The WetCap system keeps the print head clean and prevents drying of the ink channels while printer is idle.
Advanced Air Tight Bulk Ink System
Unique to the OmniPrint FreeJet line of printers, the air tight ink system allows the benefits of controlled ink flow of cartridges and cost reducing benefits of bulk ink systems. Advanced fire-wire and 2 way printer communications allow you to take control of the FreeJet 330 TX functions directly from within the software!
 Direct RIP Software
Exclusively built for DTG printing. Automatic white base generation. No RIP time with Print-While-RIP technology. Automatic ink cost calculations.
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