Introducing the latest generation of CTS systems brought to you by KIWO. The KIWO XTS offers the highest resolution and speed combination of any other wax-based inkjet available today. Touch-screen user interface.

  • Processes images up to 35’W x 34’H.
  • Handles frames up to 42
  • x 42
  • O.D.
  • Minimum frame size: 20’W x 20’H.
  • Maximum Frame Profile Thickness: 2’/5cm Standard roller frames or box profile stretch & glue frames.
  • Single Xerox inkjet head, capable of resolutions up to 1200dpi.
  • Imaging throughput speeds averaging <1 min./screen.
  • Solid ink (wax) for universal emulsion compatibility, better density and sharper image quality than any water-based inkjet system.
  • Fast Return On Your Investment.

The advantages of the digital workflow with the KIWO XTS’ lead to a rapid ROI by:

  • Eliminating film costs
  • Reducing reject rates in screenmaking by virtually eliminating pinholes
  • Reducing exposure times by approximately 40% (no film or glass)
  • Repeatable & accurate registration for faster job setup and turn-around
  • Reduction of the work steps from 13 (traditional film process) to only 4
  • Faster set-up times at the printing press
  • Higher productivity and shorter delivery times
  • No film storage

Equipment Package:

  • Computer-to-Screen machine with LINUX-based industrial machine controller Touchscreen monitor & mount.
  • Mac-based Harlequin RIP-station including FTIFF license.
  • Tri-loc registration standard.
  • Safety floor mat.

Advantages of solid ink (wax) over water-based systems:

  • Solid ink has higher optical density than water-based inkjet systems, offering the opacity required to properly cure thick or very light sensitive (fast) photoemulsions.
  • Solid ink does not bleed or wick into the unexposed emulsion like water-based ink,offering superior edge definition, halftone dot control and integrity.
  • Solid ink is not susceptible to running, absorbing, beading(due to surface tension), or other variables that affect emulsion compatibility.
  • Solid ink does not stain mesh.
  • Minimum Image Margins: Top & Bottom: 4.5′ / 11.5 cm. Left & Right: 3.5′ / 9 cm
    *Minimum margins between image file and outside edge of frame.
    **Values based on 2′ frame profile/ verify margins with KIWO for other frame dimensions.
  • Maximum Frame Profile Thickness: ***Other frame profiles need to be verified with KIWO for suitability.
  • Maximum Image Size: 35’W x 34’H / 89 x 86 cm (On max. frame size with 2′ profile)
  • Maximum Frame Profile Thickness: 2′ / 5 cm Standard roller frames or box profile stretch & glue frames.
  • Controller Type: LINUX-based industrial PC controller with touch-screen user interface
  • Data Format / RIP: 1-bit TIFF / Mac-based Harlequin RIP
  • Head Technology: Xerox industrial solid ink print head (880 nozzle)
  • Resolution: Auto-detect 900 or 1200 dpi.

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