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Davis International is proud to introduce Lotus Holland (Compact and Modular) In-Line Screen Cleaning Machines to American Screenprinters. In-line screen cleaning is the most cost effective and time-saving solution for screen cleaning. With a Lotus EVO system, your screens are cleaned fully automatically (ink removal, stripping, degreasing, rinsing and drying) and within a few minutes... the screens are ready to be coated again.
The Lotus EVO Compact is the smallest fully automatic screen cleaning system on the market. At just over 16 feet in length and with a max screen height of 49", the Lotus EVO Compact is especially suitable for textile and small-format screen printers. Amongst the different systems available, Lotus EVO Compact stands out as the smallest, safest and most cost-effective fully automatic system of it's kind.

Benefits of fully automatic screen cleaning system:

-Safer and better working conditions for employees.
-Safer and better conditions for the environment.
-Time-saving, and therefore cost saving.
-Better, more consistently clean screens.
-Less screen tears from less manual handling.

Download EVO COMPACT Brochure


Larger Lotus EVO Modular systems can be tailor made for larger screens (up to 157" high).


  • 50,000 Hour Lamp Life
  • Patent Pending Multi-Spectrum LED Technology.
  • Saves 70-90% on Electric Costs
  • All Sizes Plug Into Standard 115 Volt Outlets
  • Inspection Lights Emit NO UV, So They Will Not Expose Emulsion
  • Ultra-Fast Exposures
5 years of R&D and testing culminates into the most perfect exposure unit ever! This new concept uses focused, multi spectrum LED's as its light source. The focused LED lights emit light with almost no spread. This leads to exposures equal to or surpassing single point light sources at a much lower cost. The use of LEDs with several spectrums yields ultra fast exposures with all types of emulsions, including photopolymer, dual cure, and diazo emulsions. The 50,000 hour lamp life means you will probably never replace a bulb, saving several hundred dollars a year. The unit emits no heat, which makes it ideal for Direct-To-Screen imaging using wax "ink". Other sizes or custom sizes are also available- call us for a quote. Warranty: 5 years on lamps / 1 year on unit (excluding blankets and glass). Crating charges not included in price shown.

Check out this online demo video!
Price: $4,700.00 

Tired of wasting ink and money on making film positives? With AccuRIP  technology and our new DI-NIGHT system, you can now load ALL BLACK CARTRIDGES into every slot of your printer!  Black is the only color needed for film positives, so why waste your valuable and expensive color ink? This system prevents nozzle clogs in your printer and does not waste your ink during routine maintenance. With AccuRIP, it produces sharper edges, better dot structure, and reduced dot gain in your halftones.
Each DI-NIGHT PACKAGE includes:
Epson Printer, AccuRIPTM software, Set of All Black Bulk Ink Cartridges, Package of DI ONEFILM, and a Chip Resetter.

Download our PDF for package details and other features.

Note: we may ship larger printers via a freight carrier for a better rate.

Price: $1,052.00 

Davis International's ONEFILM is the only inkjet film you will ever need. Compatible with both pigment and dye based inkjet systems, ONEFILM is a premium waterproof film that is priced as competitively as our competitors' budget films. It has a special receptive nano-pourus coating on 125μ (5-mil) clear polyester formulated to control the shape of fine lines and halftones with pigment or dye inkjet inks. The coating is water resistant to prevent smearing under high humidity conditions.
Tips for using DI-ONE Film: Download
Price: $41.00 

Purple2 emulsion is fast exposing, easy to reclaim, holds great detail, quick drying, and economical to use. Its ready to use right out of the bucket, Purple2 is great for all plastisol inks as well as UV and solvent based inks. With the addition of our Purple2 Diazo sensitizer, Purple2 is also a great emulsion for water based and dye discharge ink systems. NOTE: Diazo- supplied separately at no charge upon request.  Purple2 does it all!

MSDS Sheet: Download
TDS Sheet: Download

Price: $58.00 

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