• 50,000 Hour Lamp Life
  • Patented Multi-Spectrum LED Technology.
  • Saves 70-90% on Electric Costs
  • All Sizes Plug Into Standard 115 Volt Outlets
  • Inspection Lights Emit NO UV, So They Will Not Expose Emulsion
  • Ultra-Fast Exposures

5 years of R&D and testing culminates into the most perfect exposure unit ever! This new concept uses focused, multi spectrum LED’s as its light source. The focused LED lights emit light with almost no spread. This leads to exposures equal to or surpassing single point light sources at a much lower cost. The use of LEDs with several spectrums yields ultra fast exposures with all types of emulsions, including photopolymer, dual cure, and diazo emulsions. The 50,000 hour lamp life means you will probably never replace a bulb, saving several hundred dollars a year. The unit emits no heat, which makes it ideal for Direct-To-Screen imaging using wax “ink”. Other sizes or custom sizes are also available- call us for a quote. Warranty: 5 years on lamps / 1 year on unit (excluding blankets and glass).Crating charges not included in price shown.

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LS-LSE-23X31Call to Order$6,000.00
 SMALL: Accepts one 23x31 screen frame
LS-LSE-25X36Call to Order$7,200.00
 MEDIUM: Accepts one 25x36 screen frame.
LS-LSE-33X46Call to Order$11,000.00
 LARGE: Accepts two 23x31 screen frames or one screen up to 33x46
LS-LSE-36X50Call to Order$14,400.00
 X-LARGE: Accepts two 25x36 screen frames or one screen up to 36x50
LS-LSE-CTS25X36Call to Order$5,635.00
 CTS: Accepts one 25X36 screen frame. No glass or vaccum.