Types of White Plastisol Inks

1. Cotton White Inks– virtually no bleed resistance. Usually have the term “cotton” in their name to distinguish them from other inks.

2. Multipurpose White Inks– some bleed resistance (designed for cotton and most 50/50 poly cotton blends).

3. Multipurpose Poly-blend White Inks– often used for general purpose as well, but have higher bleed resistance for harder to print poly blended fabrics (often contain some “blowing agents” for added opacity & bleed resistance).

4. Poly White Inks– designed for 100% polyester fabrics. Some are designed to cure at normal temperatures (around 320°F) and some cure at lower temperatures (under 300°F) for added bleed resistance.

5. Performance Poly White Inks– designed for 100% polyester performance fabrics with extra stretch added for stretchy performance fabrics.