This is the latest advance in manual screen washing available anywhere. We feel that this is the safest system available for both the worker and the environment. The washer is a manually controlled, air powered system. This eliminates the need for explosion proof motors that might not remain that way. Air power is the safest source for powering a solvent based cleaning system. The operator places his screen in the sink and activates the spray gun. The spray gun delivers 2500, 2550, or 2650 biodegradable cleaning solvent to screen while the operator scrubs into any ink residue with a brush. Ink is easily and quickly broken up by agitation, combined with the solvent power of Screen Systems biodegradable solvents to completely clean any screen in a few minutes. After solvent drains from the screen, it flows into the drain and is pumped through a series of two filters. This dual filtration design removes particles down to one micron in size from the solvent, effectively removing almost all pigment. Only used filters need to be properly disposed of. Once filtered, the solvent is returned to the reservoir for reuse. The cabinet and most components are made of welded polypropylene. This makes the unit light weight and almost indestructible. The entire system uses no electricity, it is powered entirely by air. The Pump Station requires a clean air supply which should not exceed 100 psi or 10 c.f.m. The system allows the effective multiple use of biodegradable solvents while keeping costs below that of standard solvents. Available in one and two pump versions. The two pump version delivers a steady stream of about 8 gallons per minute.


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