I-Group Technologies has been leading the DTG pretreatment industry since 2008 with the introduction of the first Viper XPT. The Viper XPT-1000 pretreatment machine is the next evolution in direct to garment pretreating. It is a totally new concept and engineered to give you the best, most efficient way to pretreat your DTG garments. Even though it is an “open” design, it’s still more efficient than other machines in the market – and at a price that is more affordable. All machines are built in the United States. Price does not include any crating charges that may apply.

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 Dimensions (Complete Unit): 33.5" wide x 36.5" deep x 6.875" high Simple To Use Controls: set the spray length from 2-24" Simple Fluid Management: set amount of fluid applied (10%-100%) Easy Laser Alignment Adjustable Spray Area up to 20"x24" Power Requirements: 120VAC or 220VAC (24V Power Supply) Fits on 24" deep table All Electric - Easy to Use. Click here for a video.
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 same specs as XPT-1000 but with easy to use touchscreen for quick adjustments and precision control.
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 same as above with USB Port & API