Monarch’s non-phthalate and lead-free plastisol white inks are textile inks for screen-printing cotton, cotton/poly blends, tri-blends, polyester, and nylon.  Since one ink rarely provides the best performance for all fabrics, Monarch has crafted numerous specially formulated inks that will keep you one step ahead of the rest of the screen-printing industry.  Our Non-Phthalate, lead free plastisols are no-odor inks and meet environmental requirements for printing onto textiles.

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 5 Gallon$429.27
Yeti White LB is a light weight, high opacity, white ink for printing onto Polyester Blends, Cotton Blends, and 100% Cotton. This ink will cure as low as 290'F for printing onto today's modern fabric types. It has a soft hand, matte finish, and good bleed resistance.
 5 Gallon$519.82
YETI WHITE ULT II has the same characteristics as YETI WHITE LB, but it has a shorter body for easier printing on a manual presses, number presses, and higher mesh counts.
 5 Gallon$354.43
Stark LB White is a non-phthalate, lead free, High Opacity, bright, high performance white that has excellent coverage on dark garments. The low tack formula allows printing through finer mesh counts without the use of viscosity modifiers. Stark LB White performs well on both automatic and manual presses, and it has good bleed resistance for printing on polyester blends.