5 Gallon$1,060.00
This additive produces a unique raised or puff effect. An easy-to-use plastisol product, it can be hand-stirred into International Coatings' Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000, and 7600 Series inks. The recommended maximum ratio of additive to ink is 10% to 15% by weight.
 5 Gallon$1,020.00
For reducing surface gloss in most plastisol inks or creating a special suede-look ink, this product can be hand-stirred into International Coatings' Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000, and 7600 Series inks. To eliminate gloss, simply add 2% additive to ink by weight. To create a suede look, add 10% to 15% additive to ink by weight.
 5 Gallon$380.00
1199LF Stretch Ink Additive can be easily mixed into Multipurpse, 700 Series or 1100 Series plastisols to produce increased elongation and improved adhesion on Lycra, Spandex and other stretch fabrics. 1199LF is a 100% solids ink that contains no solvents. The printed ink has excellent laundry resistance.
 5 Gallon$320.00
1110LF Curable Reducer lowers the viscosity of plastisols without affecting the fusing characteristics. 1110LF is also a curable reducer, which means it fuses or cures by itself with the application of heat. The recommended proportion of 1110LF is 1% to 25% by volume.
 5 Gallon$315.00
720 Softhand clear, as part of the 700 Series, is a super clear, curable extender base plastisol used to soften, extend and increase the flow characteristics of most plastisol inks. Highly recommended for extending any process color, especially our Pro-BriteT Process Colors.
 5 Gallon$415.00
3802 Foil Resist Additive can be added to most standard plastisol inks to make them resist adhesion to foils. 3802 Foil Resist is ideal when working with foil applications using a heat transfer press. 3802 Foil Resist simplifies production for designs with foil and with areas free from any foil decoration. Add 10% to 15% maximum by weight to plastisol.
 5 Gallon$385.00
3804 Low Cure Additive effectively lowers curing temperatures of most plastisol inks to less than 300' F (149' C). Use the 3804 Low Cure Additive when printing heat-sensitive materials such as 100% polyester or non-woven polypropylene bags. Add 5-6% by weight.
 5 Gallon$300.00
3816 Sentri Clear works as a soft clear enhancer that can be mixed with finished colors or concentrates to acheive super-soft prints.
 5 Gallon$290.00
3818 Sentri Curable Reducer can be used as a soft-hand additive as well as a viscosity modifier. This product can extend the yield when used as an additive which in turn, may reduce production costs. Achieves excellent super soft-hand prints.
3809 FX Gel Gloss Clear is a non-phthalate plastisol based ink that produces a "wet" look when printed on top of other flashed plastisol inks. This product doubles as a clear carrier base for PVC- or glass caviar beads as well as a low-tack glitter base for a “dry-look” or hand dipped effect.