Excalibur white inks are designed for a variety of applications. Excalibur white inks are know for having a creamy consistency and being very bright. When printing on difficult to print polyester garments, try Excalibur Sport Pro White ink.

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Arctic White is creamy, smooth, easy to print, and very bright. Ideal for either manual or automatic printing. Can be used on 100% cotton or 50/50's.

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588 Tactical (50/50+) White is a high viscosity low bleed ink, specially designed for 50/50 fabrics which tend to have dye bleed problems. 50/50+ has a very short body for easy printing. 50/50+ has a very soft hand and can be used as a stand alone white or as an underbase.

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590PF Sabre White is formulated as a low-bleed plastisol specifically designed to prevent dye migration on cotton / poly blended fabrics including 'hoodies'. Sabre White's short body and creamy texture easily prints through meshes up to 230/in (92T) and provides excellent results when used as an under base, stand-alone or highlight white. Its smooth finish offers printers an excellent surface for overprinting colors.