This is the latest advance in automatic screen washing available anywhere. We feel that this is the safest system available for both the worker and the environment. The washer is a electronically controlled, air powered system. This eliminates the need for explosion proof motors that might not remain that way. Air power is the safest source for powering a solvent based cleaning system. All the operator is required to do is place the screen in the holding easel and push one button. At that point, one of the dual air pumps delivers one of our Screen Systems approved biodegradable cleaning solvents to the scanning spray head. The head delivers wash to the screen at about 100 p.s.i. The fan shaped spray moves across the screen providing maximum surface agitation and pressure. This agitation combined with the solvent power of Screen Systems approved solvents completely cleans any screen in a about one minute in the 9010-1 (sizes to 25×36″) or about three minutes in the 9010-3 (sizes to 42×57″). After solvent drains from the screen, it flows into the drain in the bottom of the cleaning chamber and is pumped through a second pump to a series of two filters. This dual filtration design removes particles down to one micron in size from the solvent, effectively removing almost all pigment. Only used filters need to be properly disposed of. From the second filter, the solvent is returned to the reservoir for reuse. Because the solvent is filtered before being returned to the reservoir, there is no sump to clean out. Screen Systems biodegradable solvents are water soluble and easily removed from the screen with water. The cabinet and most components are made of welded polypropylene. This makes them almost indestructible while being light weight. Controls are all solid state with easy to read LED display. While a standard cycle time is set at the factory, it can be easily changed to meet any job. The entire system uses 12 volts (standard household current is 115 volts) for absolute safety. A UL approved 12 volt converter is supplied with the system. The automatic washer can not be operated with the top open. Air supplied should not exceed 100 psi or 20 c.f.m. The system allows the effective use of biodegradable solvents while keeping their cost below that of standard solvents. Also included in the system is a power wash brush that can have wash pumped though it while the operator cleans squeegees, flood bars, mixing tools, etc. The power brush is activated from the control panel and can be used with the top up. Compressed air source of 100 p.s.i. at 20 c.f.m. required from an external source (not included with washer).
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