The Anatol Vulcan gas dryers are the choice of textile printers who need efficiency and versatility. The Vulcan is designed to cure a variety of substrates created through screen printing, digital printing, and other printing methods. The re-circulated air system draws moisture out of fabrics for fast curing. The air flow on the exhaust fan can be adjusted within a range of 100-600 SCFM for improved air circulation. Anatol?s exclusive split-air delivery system reduces gas consumption by up to 25% over other major brands. The Vulcan?s heat profile extends across the entire length of the heat chamber, eliminating the need for infrared boosting panels. Anatol?s Chill Case design uses forced air to keep heat inside the dryer and maintain a cool exterior. Vulcan gas dryers are available in six standard models.

  • Available in six configurations, 36″ belt width/6′ heat up to 48″ belt width/10? heat
  • Prices start at $15,500
  • Lease for as low as
  • Contact us to Order
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