Choosing Mesh

When it Comes to Choosing Mesh for a Project, It is Important to Consider What You Are Printing and the Type of Ink You Are Using.


Here is a Simple Guide to Help in Choosing the Right Mesh Counts for the Right Job:

Mesh Count:  25, 40
Usage: Glitter Inks (the large flakes need large openings in mesh to go through).

Mesh Count:  60, 86
Usage: Specialty inks, such as puff or high-density, fine shimmers, or metallics.

Mesh Count:  110, 125
Usage: Use where a large deposit of ink is needed, such as athletic numbers, printing white on black fabric, low-detail art or heavy white ink.

Mesh Count:  155, 180, 200
Usage: Good for printing underbase white to create a softer overall feel, good medium-sized mesh count for medium-detailed artwork. The 200-count mesh can be a happy medium screen selection for when a 230 mesh is too fine and a 155 mesh is too coarse.

Mesh Count:  230, 280, 305
Usage: Low ink deposit, works well for halftone printing, simulated process or CMYK process printing.

Mesh Count:  355
Usage: Very low ink deposit, generally used by very experienced printers only. Often used for printing 65 line or higher halftones for very detailed image.