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Davis International

Let Davis International help with your artwork, film production, or screen restretching.

Artwork/Films:  From developing art to providing color separations we can work with you to produce the right art for your job. We have film output capabilities to 24” wide.  We can work with just about any digital art file, but please contact us for more information, or if you have any questions.

Screen Stretching:  We can stretch any mesh on frames up to 75” x 87”.  Following is stretching prices for common textile screens.  Call for other sizes or mesh counts.

MESH              20” x 24”   23” x 31”   25” x 36”
110-80 White     $12.60      $17.35      $20.90    
123-70 White     $13.80      $19.80      $22.80
156-64 White     $14.50      $20.00      $24.00   
156-64 Yellow    $15.00      $20.60      $24.75   
195-48 Yellow    $15.85      $22.80      $26.25     
230-48 Yellow    $16.20      $24.40      $28.15     
305-34 Yellow    $17.65      $26.40      $30.35

The above pricing is based on even multiples of the stretch quantity for each size/mesh count. 20x24 screens are stretched 6 at a time. 23x31 screens and 25x36 screens are stretched 4 at a time. Additional charges will apply for partial stretches.

Screen Imaging:  We can image screens up to 48”x62”

Training & Consultation: Anything you need help with, Davis International is there for you! Please feel free to call our office with any questions you may have and our experienced staff will take care of you.

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