EZ-FILM is an affordable capillary film designed for use with plastisol inks, non-aggressive solvent-based inks, and mild solvents. EZ-FILM costs less than half the price of competitive films, and like all capillary films, it offers significant savings in labor and production time over direct emulsions; with consistent, reproducible results and none of the mess or waste. For the same overall cost of coating a screen customers can enjoy the convenience of a capillary film. 50 SHEETS PER BOX

PLEASE NOTE: EZ-FILM 50 micron is being changed to EZ-50 ORANGE. The newer orange version can be used on a broader range of meshes (86?196/inch.) and is slightly faster exposing (see NEW EZ-50 ORANGE TDS Sheet: Download). EZ-50 ORANGE can be adhered with plain water, but also with ORANGE? direct emulsion for a direct/indirect stencil.

EZ-FILM-30 (30 micron red color) will remain the same formulation for finer meshes (230-419 threads/inch).

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 15"X 17"sheets$97.90
 15"X 17"sheets$92.95