Screen Systems Screen Fabric Adhesives are the finest available for the screen printer. Manufactured specifically for the screen printing industry, Screen Systems Adhesives eliminate the odor problems, weak bonds, bubbling, and foaming that plague other systems. All of our adhesives work equally well on wood or metal frames.

3200 Engineering Grade Series – Specially formulated to provide excellent durability at a reasonable price. It is a low odor product that has better adhesion than any product in its price range. Use 3200 (Low Viscosity) adhesive for 305 mesh and lower. Approximately 12 to 15 second cure. 

4200 & 4300 Premium Series – Field-tested on frames up to 6 x 8 feet. The over lap shear tension is in excess of 2500 lbs.–so tough that it will never pop off by itself. Yet, fabric can be easily peeled off when it is time to re-mesh. 4200 is a high viscosity premium adhesive for use with coarse mesh (below 230). 4300 is a low viscosity premium adhesive which is thinner and spreads readily through the finest meshes.

Mileage for all adhesives should exceed 1000 lineal inches per ounce.

Use in combination with 4000 SPRAY-ON Activator.  If used very sparingly as recommended, one 12oz aerosol can will cover 16 oz. of adhesive. Spray will not clog or damage screens. The Activator itself is non-toxic, and the excellent aerosol package sprays a clean fine mist until the contents are entirely used. The propellant is the same as used in most aerosols and contains no harmful CFCs. This activator will pull the adhesive to the surface of the frame. Adhesive hardens in seconds!Care should be used not to “puddle” the activator as this may dissolve the adhesive and weaken the bond.

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