There are several advantages to using retensionable roller frames over static frames (such as better tension and print quality, as well as some very beneficial savings on storage space and shipping). ECO Roller Frame were designed to provide the screen printer with retensionable frames that are compatible with other roller frame systems, but at a much lower cost. Mesh panels, mesh locking strips and wrenches can usually be used interchangeably between the different systems.

Please note: a temporary ‘aluminum surcharge’ may be added to help cover the skyrocketing costs of aluminum.

ECO Roller Panels have plastic locking strips pre-sewn in the edges that make stretching roller frames as easy as possible. When combined with the ACME Roller Frame Stretcher, screens can be tensioned within minutes with minimal operator training required.

Mesh panels are sold in packs of 6 panels (quantity 1= 6 panels). Other mesh counts and bulk packs may also be available.

SKU: S-STF Category: Manufacturer: Sefar Tag:
 18"x20" ID$41.79
 23"x31" OD$61.99
 23"x31" OD$88.13
 25"x36" OD$93.02
 (6) 110 White mesh panels$87.14
 (6) 156 White mesh panels$88.62
 (6) 195 Yellow mesh panels$92.86
 (6) 230 Yellow mesh panels$94.62
 (6) 255 Yellow mesh panels$100.71
 (6) 305 Yellow mesh panels$102.92
 (6) 110 White mesh panels$98.03
 (6) 156 White mesh panels$101.54
 (6) 195 Yellow mesh panels$107.26
 (6) 230 Yellow mesh panels$110.49
 (6) 255 Yellow mesh panels$120.65
 (6) 305 Yellow mesh panels$124.34
 (6) 110 White mesh panels$112.62
 (6) 156 White mesh panels$115.66
 (6) 195 Yellow mesh panels$124.15
 (6) 230 Yellow mesh panels$127.66
 (6) 255 Yellow mesh panels$139.75
 (6) 305 Yellow mesh panels$144.28
 50 feet$84.12