MonsterMax Scoop Coater

The Monster-Max is an all-metal scoop coater with fully adjustable stainless steel end caps. The trough has two semi-sharp coating edges and is ergonomically designed with three handles to accommodate various hand sizes, better grip & improved control. The thin stainless steel end cap design greatly reduces emulsion streaks, and end caps are adjustable to allow you to precisely adjust the amount of emulsion applied to the screen. END CAPS ARE REQUIRED FOR USE, BUT ARE SOLD SEPARATELY! Choose from 2 different styles:

Quick-Start End Caps are now considered the standard end cap, and they allow emulsion to be applied closer to the frame wall.

The Original Style (Multi-Velocity) End Caps have been discontinued, but may still be available. They provide two different coating angles, and feature lid claws for easy opening of emulsion lids.
Other sizes may be available, Contact us for more info.
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