Easiway dip tank users reduce chemical consumption by up to 70%, decreasing labor needs by up to 50%. The average savings is $.50 per screen! Made of polyethylene. The PT-525 is a 25 gallon, molded dip tank. This new tank incorporates a ribbed design stabilized by two rigid molded pillars with increased durability to eliminate any bowing in-tank sides. Special features include a screen hold down bar to keep screens submerged in the solution while soaking, an in-tank drip ledge to eliminate wasted chemical drag out (not currently seen on any other models in the industry), a sludge catch molded into the bottom of the tank to avoid screens sitting in sludge. This tank will hold 2-3 (23″ x 31″) frames horizontally and (20″ x 24″) frames vertically for easy to add/removal.
Tank Includes:
Dip Tank
Built-in drip ledge
Built-in screen hold down bar
Sludge catch molded into the bottom of the tank

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